Post-Operative Spinal Rehabilitation

Huntington Physical Therapist

Island Sports Physical Therapy has been treating patients living on Long Island who suffer from spinal conditions and diseases for over 25 years. Island Sports Physical Therapy offers nonoperative and postoperative spinal rehabilitation at their six locations, East Northport, Huntington, Coram, Nesconset, East Meadow, and Glen Cove.

Island Sports Physical Therapy educates their patients on proper motioning exercises in order to help them gain their maximum performance possible. They work with each condition in a way that will benefit each and every patient. With spinal conditions and diseases, such as bulging or degenerating disc, pinched nerves, cervical radiculopathy, tight musculoskeletal, or arthritis, that need rehabilitation, Island Sports Physical therapy will provide you with safe and effective spinal care and postoperative rehabilitation.

Back surgeries take time to heal, and spinal surgeons may have different protocols and training to spinal care than your physical therapist. At Island Sports Physical Therapy we have hands-on-care, strengthening equipment, and at home stretching techniques to lead you on the road to recovery. Our postoperative rehabilitation will properly stretch and strengthen your spine after surgery. It is best to seek physical therapy and postoperative rehabilitation after spinal surgery rather than opting to further surgery.

With the many varieties of spinal conditions, each patient will receive a unique postoperative rehabilitation to fit their needs to recovery. Each stretch and exercise will vary upon the patient. While every patient has a difference tolerance to rehabilitation, the physical therapists at Island Sports Physical Therapy fit the needs of each patient to ensure the best treatment options.

The big questions usually asked by patients is if they would eventually return to normal activity after their surgery. The physical therapist teams at Island Sports Physical Therapy works well with their patients to achieve that goal. They set their patients up with the best exercises and stretching to gain their strength back over time. With the teams hands-on care and individualized exercises, your rehabilitation will lead you towards positive outcomes.


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