Keeping Your Body Healthy During The Wrestling Season

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Keeping Your Body Healthy During The Wrestling Season

The wrestling season is long, grueling, and tiresome. But for those who are dedicated and passionate about this great sport, must keep their health in mind so they can sustain themselves throughout the year. Wrestlers often face various injuries as they power through their season, and it is important they seek prevention methods, as well as treatment if such an event occurs. If you’re a wrestler and you’re seeking the assistance of physical therapy in Huntington, NY, then Island Sports Physical Therapy is here to help you stay healthy this season.  

Wrestling Injuries

Wrestlers are prone to many injuries other than just cuts and bruises. They often can suffer from lower back pain, as they maintain a hunched position for the duration of a match.  This can also result in knee pain as well, as they put a lot of pressure and weight on the knee joint in the natural wrestling position. Wrestlers can also deal with sprains and strains as they battle it out with their competitors. Wrestlers can also suffer from concussions and a condition called cauliflower ear, where parts of the ears can become swollen or deformed. In addition, when wrestlers are exposed to dirty mats they are susceptible to friction burns and skin infections like ringworm and impetigo. Island Sports and Physical Therapy can help treat many wrestling injuries like these. Physical therapy in Huntington, NY, can allow you to have a quick recovery.  

Importance of Conditioning and Flexibility

Wrestlers are not always thought to be endurance athletes. Yet these athletes must obtain a balance of strength and endurance to be able to sustain maximal output through an entire match. The split second that you let your guard down, or to decide to take a rest, your opponent will capitalize on that moment. Wrestlers must be in amazing physical shape, and their training programs are rigorous to prepare them for their matches. Not only must wrestlers have great strength, speed, and endurance, but they must be flexible as well. Wrestlers move in such ways that many other athletes do not, and they are constantly using a wide array of muscle groups. If the athlete neglects a stretching routine then they are much more likely to experience an injury.  

Importance of Physical Therapy

With hard training, strict dieting, and a ton of mental focus, there is a lot that goes into a wrestling season and these athletes have a lot on their plate. For some wrestlers, the in’s and out’s of the long season can become overbearing on the body and/or mind and injuries can occur. We know you don’t want to be sitting on the bench for a season that you’ve worked so hard for, and our physical therapy in Huntington, NY can help you to get back out there as quick as possible. At Island Sports Physical Therapy we offer sports specific training where we have a wide variety of treatment options to accommodate your specific needs. Schedule an appointment so we can help you to recover and get back to doing what you love and work so hard to achieve.  

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