Core Muscle Injury Often Occurs in Athletes

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Muscle Injury in Athletes

The core muscles consist of abdominal muscles, the diaphragm, and many other muscles. These muscles help to protect internal organs such as organs of the digestive system. They are responsible for keeping your upper body upright and flexible.

Injuries in the core muscles happen because of tearing and weakening of the abdominal walls, making athletes especially susceptible. Usually occurring during sudden twisting, muscles tearing and weakening can happen slowly over a period of several years or all of a sudden. Football and soccer players, track runners receive the most core injuries. Core muscle injuries can happen to high school athletes also affecting many people all over the island in towns like East Northport, Huntington, Nesconset, etc. To learn about core muscle and other sports injuries click here.

Core injuries typically have the following characteristics:

  • Sharp groin pain
  • Pain during sit-ups
  • Pain moving into the inner thigh
  • Pressure/Tenderness of the lower abdominals

There are several treatment options for core injuries; however, surgery and physical therapy in East Northport are some of the most common forms of treatment. Due to its invasive nature, surgery is typically saved for severe core muscle injuries. Light to mild pain can usually be resolved using physical therapeutic techniques. Once you find the right physical therapist for you, treatment options can include ice/compression, stretches, and minor strength exercises. After approval from your physical therapist and once the exercises can be completed without pain you can return to playing your sport.

Even if you decide surgery is the best option for your injury, a physical therapist can help you regain mobility and flexibility after your surgery. For a full list of core muscle injury symptoms and treatments click here.

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